Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center Adopts Berkeley Lights Beacon® Platform to Expedite Its Translational Research


Feb 22, 2021, Shanghai | Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center ("SHAPHC") and Berkeley Lights, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLI), a leader in Digital Cell Biology, jointly announced that SHAPHC has introduced the featured product of Berkeley Lights, the Beacon ® optofluidic system, and build an innovative technology platform for the development of biotherapeutics against infectious diseases and solid tumors. Berkeley Lights will provide versatile, adaptable and flexible solutions in the use of its Beacon system to meet the diverse needs of SHAPHC for early development and rapid clinical translation of various therapeutic projects in the future.

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Regarding this relationship, Dr. Jianqing Xu, the president of the Institute of Translational Medicine of SHAPHC and the director of the Shanghai Institute of Emerging and Recurring Infectious Diseases, said, “The impact of COVID-19 has put forward higher requirements for the public health and medical system construction. In this context, the rapid and efficient translation of scientific research achievements into clinical applications is of great value. Berkeley Lights’ Beacon optofluidic system will bring us very rapid and automated single cell screening solutions in the development of anti-infection drugs and anti-tumor therapies. The single-cell screening solution can further expand the arsenal of the SHAPHC in translational research and help us promote scientific research achievements to clinical applications more quickly by improving our research capabilities, expanding project quantities and accelerating translation progress."

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"The Berkeley Lights Platform, based on its significant advantages in the development of antibody drugs and cell therapies, has been widely utilized by many biopharma companies and translational research institutions around the world. This successful relationship with SHAPHC is an important strategic arrangement for Berkeley Lights in the translational medical research field in China. The two parties will collaborate to provide patients with more and more effective treatment options." said Dr. Yue Geng, the Head of Asia Pacific at Berkeley Lights., "We are continuously expanding the application scenarios of our technologies to provide translational research institutions with more efficient and flexible single-cell technology solutions."


About Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center

SHAPHC is a Grade III A hospital of a century-old history with integrated function of medicine, teaching and research. It is one of the largest clinical research institutions, and one of the most important infectious disease research and clinical treatment bases in China. SHAPHC has always attached importance to applied scientific research and the translation of research achievements. It has accomplished a number of highly innovative scientific research achievements and patents in the fields of infectious disease vaccines and prevention drugs, tumor vaccines, immune cell therapy, and oncolytic viruses, and successfully completed commercial translation of many research projects with significant social value.

About Berkeley Lights

Berkeley Lights is a leading Digital Cell Biology company focused on enabling and accelerating the rapid development and commercialization of biotherapeutics and other cell-based products for our customers. The Berkeley Lights Platform captures deep phenotypic, functional and genotypic information for thousands of single cells in parallel and can also deliver the live biology customers desire in the form of the best cells. Our platform is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution, comprising proprietary consumables, including our OptoSelect™ chips and reagent kits, advanced automation systems, and application software. We developed the Berkeley Lights Platform to provide the most advanced environment for rapid functional characterization of single cells at scale, the goal of which is to establish an industry standard for our customers throughout their cell-based product value chain.

Berkeley Lights’ Beacon® and Lightning systems and Culture Station instrument are FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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